Verandah  prints polished and previously unpublished work. Please refer to our ‘Buy the Book’ page for back issues to see the calibre of writing and art which the Verandah publication team asks for. Due to the volume of submissions that we receive, we are unfortunately unable to give individual feedback.

As a not-for-profit organisation, some submissions fees are necessary to sustain our work. Single submissions must be accompanied by a $5 submission fee. For two or three submissions, the fee is $10. Submissions by current Deakin students are free (please provide your current student ID number when submitting). Please note that we will only accept a maximum of three submissions from each individual. Submissions can be a mixture of prose, poetry or art, or three of the same.

Each year Verandah offers a number of prizes, provided by our sponsors, for outstanding submissions. All successful contributors will receive a copy of Verandah 33 as token payment.

We are now accepting both writing and art submissions!

Literary Submissions

Fiction and Nonfiction: There is a maximum of 2,500 words for all fiction and nonfiction submissions. Micro or flash fiction (between 150-1000 words) will also be accepted alongside longer short stories (between 1000-2500 words). Stories over 2,500 words will need to be proportionally brilliant to hold out two shorter stories.

Poems: Poems/suites of poems need to be fewer than 100 lines, so no epics please!

Scripts: 5–7 minutes. That’s 5–7 pages of properly formatted Courier New, not 5–7 minutes of single-spaced monologue.


All literary submissions must follow this checklist:

  • Short stories and poems must use Times New Roman font
  • Scripts must use Courier New font
  • All must use 12-point font size
  • Double spacing (exceptions with scripts and concrete poetry)
  • Pages must be numbered
  • Our house style is Australian Standard: singular quotations and Australian spelling
  • Include a header with the title of your work
  • Your name should not appear anywhere on your work
  • Submit work via email as a word document
  • Submit via email using the subject line- Submissions 2018


Art and Design Submissions

Artwork and Photography: One full page limit

Comics: Two full page limit

  • We welcome both full colour and black and white images
  • Verandah will be B5 format – or 190mm ( W ) x 255mm ( H )
  • Please be aware that some very minor cropping may occur
  • All submissions should be PDF’s or .jpg’s with a resolution of 300dpi
  • Submit via email using the subject line – Art Submissions 2018


Submission Process

You can attach your submission/s to an email to As of 2016 we are no longer accepting hard copy submissions by mail and cannot consider them for publication. Submissions fees can be paid through PayPal after which you must provide your receipt number, though if you are a current Deakin student, you must provide your current student number so that you are not charged for your submissions.

Please name your electronic file submission as ‘Your name – Title of work’ and if you are submitting more than one piece attach each of them as separate documents. Attach a separate cover letter, which should include your name, address, email address, phone number, and a fifty word, third-person bio.

For more clarification about submitting, please contact us via email at

Submission Deadline – 10th June 

Deadline Extended Until 30th June!

Special Offer:

Submit 1 piece for $5 and buy the digital edition of Verandah 32 for just $2.99 extra.

Submit 2 – 3 pieces for $10 and receive the digital edition for Verandah 32 for free!

Select your choice from the drop-down menu on the payment page.

Please allow 48 hours for your order and payment to be processed.

 Entry Fee

1 Submission ($5)


2-3 Submissions ($10)



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